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 About FiberCrafty...

The knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and fiber crafting community in general has changed so dramatically in just the last 10 years. We are fortunate to have a plethora of resources available to us today!  When I first started knitting about 20 years ago, patterns were not available online, there were no online communities, blogs, YouTube, Ravelry… however did we manage??  It has been exciting to watch these changes over the years.

FiberCrafty was created to help enrich our community even further, making it easier for indie shops and crafters to connect. Our goal is to create a virtual fiber festival that can be attended for shopping or selling at any time from any place.  As a part of that goal we also wanted to improve and enhance the online selling experience with a feature rich marketplace.

We have filters that you are familiar with to help make your shopping experience efficient - if that is what you want. We also know that sometimes you just want to browse and meander and you can do that, too. We created four categories which include Yarn, Fiber, Tools & Accessories (think project bags, crochet hooks, yarn bowls, stitch markers, WPI tools, etc) and Other. Why Other? We didn’t want to put limits on what our fabulous community is capable of creating.  We know you are out there coming up with t-shirts, tote bags, note cards, hand towels, jewelry and so much more.

FiberCrafty also has a cart-jacking prevention system!  If there are a limited number of a particular product and you add it to your cart, you have a fixed amount of time to check out before someone can cart-jack you.  It’s like buying concert tickets, except it’s crafting stuff and that’s even better.

Shop owners can set up their own shopfronts, manage product listings, share news, offer promotions, manage shipping, and get paid the same day their products sell.

Everyone can have favorites! You can have favorite items and favorite shops. You can even share your favorites lists with non-crafty friends that might want to buy a gift for you.

And do you know what the coolest part of this is? FIberCrafty is a small business and we are in charge of it! If our community has amazing ideas, we can make them happen!  If we want more categories, or more ways to filter, we can add them. We also don’t have special interests or agendas. We just want to play with yarn and shop for pretty things.

Our hope is that FiberCrafty will make our fiber crafting community an even better place to be... a place to find your people.