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Did you know camelids have 3 stomachs? It's what allows them to eat all those fibrous grasses. Camelids include camels, alpaca, guanacos and vicuña and their fiber is actually hair but is referred to as wool. All animals contain guard hairs but camels have the most, followed by llamas. Alpaca guanaco and vicuña have the least. Alpaca fiber has little elasticity but blending with another fiber can add a bit of structure. It is extremely warm and comes in 22 natural shades.

All of the listings featured below have alpaca, except for one llama product. As always, thanks for supporting FiberCrafty and our shops!

Alpacas at 2 point farm

Alpacas at 2 Point Farm

Suri alpaca is very much like silk but, dare I say, even smoother? It is warm, drapey and incredibly soft. This is a mill spun skein of naturally colored suri alpaca yarn. Fingering weight with 200 yards. This will be a treat to work with! $22






Behind the Hill Farm

Behind the Hill Farm

Lead ropes or dog leashes made from alpaca fiber are functional, beautiful and unique! Made from handspun 3 ply alpaca yarn, these are strong and available in several lengths ranging from 4 to 6 feet and available in various colors. Starting at $25





Puddin Ridge Fibers

Puddin Ridge Fibers

Sona at Puddin Ridge has added a number of llama rug yarns to her shop and they are gorgeous. This can be used to make rugs, baskets or other household goods with stunning results. 100 yards, other colors available. $75





Split Rail Angoras

Split Rail Angoras

Hand spinners love blends because of the different qualities brought by each fiber. This one is 75% angora and 25% alpaca making it baby kitten soft and lightweight. This will create a very warm accessory or garment. Undyed, 4 oz. $28






River Spring Farm

River Spring Farm

600 yards of stunning handspun yarn created from a natural dark brown merino and alpaca blend. The magic happens when the colorful, tweedy bits of silk are worked in.  The 18 micron merino and alpaca means this will be amazingly soft. Worsted weight. $85






Living Water FibersLiving Water Fibers and Alpacas

Jitter bug is a gorgeous take with long stretches of grey, green and purple on a luxury soft, mill spun, alpaca yarn.  DK weight with 220 yards means you can create a lovely accessory perfect for gifting with just one skein! $26






Butterfly Forge

Butterfly Forge

2 ounces of beautiful Suri locks in a soft fawn color. These locks are 9"-10" in length and brushed to removed most of the vegetable matter. So silky! $8





Promised Land Fibers

Promised Land Fibers

This is a blend of natural Romeldale and Alpaca. Romeldale is as soft as merino and lovely to spin. Adding alpaca to the mix gives increased softness and warmth. Pin drafted roving so spinning will be a breeze! Professionally milled, 4 oz. $10





Current Crafting

This weekend I am heading to Boston to visit my aunt and you know what that means... travel knitting! I am still having forearm pain though so knitting has been limited but this weekend will require it. I did finish spinning the Cormo blend and just need to ply it. I did finish a pair of socks!

Just for fun

You are probably starting to think about Thanksgiving. Either you are hosting or maybe attending a gathering and it's time to figure out what you are bringing! My dad used to make this Bavarian Apple Torte and it is definitely holiday table worthy. It takes a little more work but so worth it. I hope you enjoy!

Bavarian Apple Torte

Crust: 1/2 c. butter ( 1 stick) 1/3 c. sugar 1/4. t. vanilla 1 c. flour

Filling: 8 ounces cream cheese, softened 1/4 c. sugar 1 egg 1/2 t. vanilla

Topping: 1/2 t. cinnamon 1/3 c. sugar 4 c. peeled, cored and sliced apples 1/2 c. chopped walnuts

Preheat over to 450.

To make the crust, cream the butter and sugar, add in vanilla and flour. Press into a 9" round greased, spring form pan, covering the bottom and 2" up the sides.

To make the filling, mix the cream cheese and sugar until smooth, add in the egg and vanilla, Spread over the bottom of the crust.

For the topping, sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar over the apples and mix well. Spoon over the filling. (you can make it pretty by layering but I don't and it tastes just as good!). Sprinkle with the walnuts. Bake for 10 minutes at 450 and then reduce heat to 400. Continue baking for 25 minutes. Allow it to cool completely before removing the sides of the pan.

Note: You can also add 1/2 t. almond extract to the filling and use sliced almond instead of walnuts! If you want to be fancy and give it a shiny glaze, warm some apricot jam and brush it over the top when it is done baking.

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