Faces of FiberCrafty: Isis Perez of KnitSpin

We hope that you enjoy this series featuring interviews with FiberCrafty shop owners. Our goal is to give you a little peek behind the scenes and a chance to learn more about our talented business owners.

Isis, her husband and son.

Today's post features Isaura Perez (Isis) of Knitspin based in Naperville, IL. Isis has an interesting history and Knitspin is truly her passion!

Tell us a little bit about you. Where are you from, what crafts do you enjoy, what is your background, do you have any pets, etc? I was born in Havana, Cuba, raised in New Jersey/New York area. I was always interested in yarn, my grandmother knew how to crochet and I learned from her. I learned to knit while working in New York, there was a yarn store near by and they had the most amazing Italian yarns that I have seen. No other colors in others yarns store could measure up to this store. The owner show me how to knit a scarf, then I learned to do knit sweaters and the passion for different type of fiber and color began. Ever since then, I have always wanted to play with dyeing yarn. Not until I move to Chicago, that I learned to dyed. I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer but could never attend school. So I took a lot of knitting classes from different yarn store and my creative came from there. I could not find yarn that I like in the colors that I wanted. So my interest in dyeing my own started. This has open a wide range of colors for me.

An example of the fiber included in Isis' spinning fiber club.

My background came from being a Specialist Colorist Cosmetologist. The education that I received from doing actual customers hairs, gave me the background education to transform my yarns and rovings into colorful beauty.

The education that I received from doing actual customers hairs, gave me the background education to transformed my yarns and rovings into colorful beauty.

I love to handdyed fiber and yarns, but I love more to spin the fiber. I also took weaving this year and I'm enjoying using my handspun yarns to make woven scarfs. We have a Cockatiel Bird, his name is RayRay, we had him for a long time.

Superwash Merino fingering weight yarn.

What is the name of your shop? Knitspin is the name of my shop. When I was looking for a name, I was trying too hard to find one. Then my husband said, look at you and see what you do then your name will come to you. Well at that time, I was learning to spin and I would knit with my yarn. so KnitSpin came to alive with what represent who I am and what I do.

How long have you had your business? I have been in business 12 years, since August 2005.

Isis also carries a lot of fiber for blending such as this gorgeous Firestar, as well as undyed fiber and yarn.

What kind of products do you specialize in? Handdyed Roving, Handdyed Yarns Handspun yarns, but we also carry additional extras add- in fibers for blending with batts.

Every story has a beginning, how did your business get started? I was taking spinning lesson and then I wanted to learn more about dyeing. My spinning teacher say let's give you a few lesson, by the time I finish my lessons, she said you know you have a great eye for color, you should make a business out of this. Six month later, I had a working business online and started going to fiber festival to sell my items.

Goat's Milk Soap with a skein of yarn on it - a perfect gift for your knitting friends! Isis also has soap in the shape of a sheep.

Is there anything else that you would like to share? I have my family to thank for their support, without them I could not do what I do today. My husband drives me to all the fiber festival, my son comes with us and he help set up the booth and he handles the cash register while I'm with the customers. This is a family affair and we run two business at the same time. We also sell Handmade soaps and I'm partner with my son, who helps me make them.

What's your favorite feature or part of FiberCrafty (as a shopper or shop owner)? That is it is easy to navigate, That Pam is always available if I need help with the website. It is a pleasure being in a website that the owner is there looking after everything and not be hands off. I do appreciate everything she has done for me.

Isis, thank you for the kind words! We are glad we had this opportunity getting to know more about you and Knitspin. You can find Isis's products for sale in her FiberCrafty shop, Knitspin.

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  • steelwool

    Isis has the most wonderful color sense.er braids are just fantastic and she uses different types of wool as well, not just merino.
    The soaps are great too. The last ones I bought were clear soap in a bag with a plastic fish suspended inside of it. Looked like the fish that used to be used as prizes at fairs.

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