Faces of FiberCrafty: Jennifer Blake of Bugbear Woolens

We hope that you enjoy this new series featuring interviews with FiberCrafty shop owners. Our goal is to give you a little peek behind the scenes and a chance to learn more about our talented business owners.

Meet Jen! She's the genius behind Bugbear Woolens.

Today we are featuring an interview with Jennifer Blake, the owner of Bugbear Woolens.


Jennifer, tell us a little about yourself and your family. I grew up in Vermont for the most part, although I've also lived in NY, CT, and WA state. I ended up settling in Western Mass, on 5 acres of wooded land, at the end of a dead end dirt road. I love it here, although I could wish for faster internet access and maybe cell service, lol. I now live in the woods with my husband of almost 30 years, our 16 year old daughter, and the dog, 2 cats, a dozen chickens, a rabbit, and a hamster.

We are all here for the same reason, because we love fiber! How did your love affair start?

Silver Lining Merino Combed Top: 5.3oz superfine merino for spinning

My love affair with all things fiber started when I was 7 when my stepmother taught me to crochet. My first Finished Object was a crocheted scarf for my mother, which I found in her belongings after she passed away, still in good shape. My mother taught me to knit shortly after that, and even back then I always wanted the good wool, never did like acrylic. After I left Hampshire College, I started working at Webs, where I added dyeing and weaving to my skillset. I only started spinning about 2 years ago, and love it dearly as well. (Note from Pam: I know you are wondering so I asked: she left Webs in 1995.)

Sugar Skulls: 463 yards sock yarn, Merino/Nylon blend.

Your shop has an interesting name. Is there a story behind it? My shop name is Bugbear Woolens. A little bit of a story, I've always been a fantasy gamer as well as an IT geek, so when I decided I had to have an internet domain, I picked bugbear.us, as bugbears are a common gaming creature. I had the domain for probably 15 years before I started the yarn business, and at that point, as I had the URL already, Bugbear Woolens just came naturally.

How long have you had your business? This is my third year selling hand dyed yarn and fiber, as well as the occasional knitted item.

Gemstones Sock, Zoisite: 463 yards sock yarn, Merino/Nylon blend

Do you specialize in any particular products? Hand dyed yarn and spinning fiber.

Every story has a beginning, how did your business get started? Honestly, I'd pretty much stopped knitting/weaving when I had my daughter. Being a new mother as well as working full time in IT didn't leave much time for hobbies. I started knitting again about 5 years ago, as my daughter was much more self sufficient. I started the business when my husband was laid off so I wouldn't feel guilty spending money on yarn.

Mixed Berry: 5oz superfine merino combed top

What makes your business unique? I don't really know how to answer this as I feel my work is unique due to how I see and interpret color. But then, I feel there are so many indie dyers doing amazing work...lucky knitters these days!

What's your favorite feature or part of FiberCrafty? I love that it really is focused just on fiber arts.

Jennifer, thank you so much for your time! You can find her products in her FiberCrafty shop, Bugbear Woolens. Personally, I love how bright and vivid so many of your colorways are. And I am especially enjoying your Gemstones series.

Hand spun yarn, Olive Garden. 475 yards, fingering weight superfine merino

Correidale Combed Top, Burnt Peach to Grey: 5.4oz corriedale

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  • Penelope Stevens

    I would like to receive occasional newsletters and announcements from your company, Bugbear Woolens. (Is that the correct name?)

    • Pam

      Hi Penelope! There are 2 companies - FiberCrafty which hosts a bunch of shops and Bugbear Woolens, one of the shops. Did you want info from Bugbear? I am happy to let her know! You can also find all of her social media on her shop page: https://bugbearwoolens.fibercrafty.com/

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