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  • Cat lovers and yarn lovers go together like...

    Well... like cats and yarn! Do you have cat? It seems like cats go hand in hand with knitters. I don't know about you but I think everything I make is about 1% cat hair! Our shop owners seem to like cats also and there are lots of cat-themed items available. Let's look at things inspired by our feline friends! As always, thank you for shopping and supporting FiberCrafty and our shops!


    Cats in Hats stitch markers! Set of 5 lightweight , hand drawn stitch markers, each one unique! These will fit up to a US8/5.0mm needle. Gift wrap optional! $12.75






    Behind The Hill Farm

    Miss Kitty is actually an alpaca! She has a beautiful coat and her naturally white fiber was handspun into a beautiful chunky weight yarn. 2 ply with a beautiful sheen, varying yardages available ranging from 88 to 331 yards. $22-$75





    Fairly Fiber Fun

    This natural Jacob batt in a beautiful gradient has nothing to do with cats BUT, it reminds me of my Siamese cat Jerry because he was these same colors. Each 60 gram batt is just over 2 ounces, hand carded from the same fleece. $15




    PassionKNITS Yarn

    Tiger Paws is a stunning blend of oranges and browns on a decadent fingering weight base. 50% superwash merino, 25% baby alpaca, 25%nylon is a wonderful blend and each skein has 438 yards. $30





    Serenity Artisans Bowls

    Tiger Maple has a beautiful grain and the wood has been highly buffed to highlight it. Hand made yarn bowls are works of art as well as functional pieces and each is numbered. It measures 9" across, 5.75" across the bottom and is 4.5" high.  $110




    IlLOOMinated Yarns

    Bandid is a big ol' fiesty house cat who inspired this colorway. A perfect blend of greys, blacks and whites on a fingering weight base of 75% BFL and 25% nylon. BFL is perfect for socks or anything else where strength and softness is needed. 464 yards, $30




    Baaberry Farms

    This drawstring bag has fabric decorated with playful kitties, a coordinating lining and a faux suede base. Generously sized to hold a 2 skein project, base measures 13"H x 8"W x 5"D. $25







    A yarn kitty is a great way to keep your yarn organized and tangle free! YOu can open and close the flaps with snaps, allowing you to remove your yarn if needed, unlike bags with grommets.Bag is approximately  6" tall with a 5" diameter and will hold a 4 oz cake of DK, worsted or sock yarn. $15





    Trade from Scratch

    This drop spindle hand burned with playful kitties has been made from Maple and Birch and polished with tung oil. A slight imperfection comes with a lower price but no reduction in functionality. $30




    Knitzy Fiberlicious

    Handspun, marled yarn looks so much like a calico to me that I couldn't resist. 99 yards of 2 ply 100% wool. This is a bulky weight yarn. $15




    What’s going on at FiberCrafty the week of 9.13.2019…

    I was glad to see a few visitors at the Knitting Guild talk! Greg and I enjoyed sharing details about Elizabeth Zimmermann and what made her so special. She was such a gift to the knitting community!

    Current Crafting

    Over Labor Day Weekend I made a Knitted Knocker. Have you heard of them? Knitted Knockers is a non-profit that is entirely volunteer run. They distribute knitted prosthetics for women who have had mastectomies. They are lightweight and more comfortable to wear than traditional prosthetics and last year they spent over $58k in shipping! I had been planning to make some and ran across a local woman who has a mastectomy scheduled next month. I offered to make one for her and she was really excited. I was, too! I'm glad that I can make one for someone local. They have very specific yarn requirements so if you are interested in making some, check out their website!

    Just for fun

    TV and knitting goes hand in hand so I thought I would share something we have done in our house when we cut the cable cord. A lot of people have headed or are heading in that direction but it raises challenges (admittedly, very much first world challenges). We tried a couple of trials with various services and ultimately settled on YouTube TV. You need a smart TV but it includes local channels, sports (which seems to be what a lot of people get stuck on) and unlimited DVR. You can also create individual profiles for family members so that everyone can have their own "library" of shows. They just raised their rate but it is still substantially less than other cable services.

  • Novelty yarns (and accessories to go with them)

    Call them novelty yarns, art yarns, or fancy yarns, they are often pretty funky and I don't think people use them as much as they could! Whether you’re working with boucle, handspun slub (or thick and thin) yarn, eyelash yarn, or just about any other type of novelty yarn or fiber you can think of, there are so many ways different types of crafters can use art yarn. Knitters and crocheters can work novelty yarns into an existing project as an interesting stripe or use them on their own for unique small projects. If you are a weaver you have lots of ways to use novelty yarns. Spinners can make them as subtly funky or crazy funky as they want. Let's look at some art yarns and fibers to make them. As always, thank you for shopping and supporting FiberCrafty and our shops!

    Cocoon-homespun Soft Goods

    Heidi has a fun spinning technique that creates a tonal thick and thin slub yarn like this one called Aquatic. 55 yards of bulky/super-bulky weight, 100% merino wool. You can see how lofty this is! $36







    Fluff to Stuff

    This Bubble Crepe Art Yarn is very eye catching! Pastels were plied with a black yarn to give a stained glass effect. This is one of a kind, bulky weight with 34 yards. The perfect accent yarn! $27





    Gotmygoat of Wynham Farms

    Many art yarns have locks spun in for texture and color. These Magenta kid mohair locks are 3" to 5" in length and there is a total of 4 ounces. Perfect for spinning alone, blending or using as a textured add in.  $15





    Not Your Grandma's Yarn

    The best of both worlds, a set of traditional handspun yarn (50 yards) paired with a coordinating boucle-style art yarn (20 yards)! Mohair, silk and wool were hand dyed and blended for these bulky weight skeins. $38



    Jersey West

    Teeswater is a breed of sheep that has long lustrous locks that are well defined. These locks range from 10"-11" and are dyed in a pretty dark pastel range of colors. 1 ounce of locks, perfect for incorporating as an accent in a project. $15










    The Artful Princess

    Bulkier art yarns need a bigger bag to carry them in! These Mosaic Llamas decorate a large wedge tote. The base is 8" x 4.5" and 11.25" tall. It has a padded interior, a coordinated lining, and a wrist strap. Excellent for a larger project! $30




    Super fluffy spinning batts made from a wide variety of fibers including Finn, Corriedale, Mohair, Bamboo, Milk, Viscose, Silk thrums, Silk Noils, and Angelina. Deep pink in color with bits of black and white thrown in for contrast. These weigh 2.19 oz in total. $20



    Quirky Bits & Pieces

    Kristin knows fun and funky and this Tardis handspun yarn is a perfect and beautifully spun example.  Merino and Tencel in blues, browns and yellows pair well and there are 35 yards of this bulky yarn. $32



    Wandering Spindle

    Funky one-of-a-kind handspun in stripes and tweeds. Spun to create sections of solid white, solid brown and marling, the stark contrast between the colors creates an eye-catching yarn. US raised and processed wool. Bulky weight, 104 yards. $18





    Yank Your Yarn

    Darn It, Garnet! I Love You - Art yarns are often knit on larger needles so you need stitch markers that will fit! This trio of garnet red glass markers on with gold-plated copper wire will fit up to a US 13/9mm needle. $9





    What’s going on at FiberCrafty the week of 9.6.19…

    We are anxiously waiting for Hurricane Dorian to pass and are experiencing heavy rains and winds in Raleigh. By the time this is delivered to you, it should be heading out! And just in time for my talk on Elizabeth Zimmermann at the Ol' North State Knitting Guild on Monday night (9/9). If you are local to the Raleigh area, it would be lovely to have you, even if you are not a member!

    Current crafting

    I finished all the crochet on my Malia Bag. It was really fun to make and I have added the boxed corners and grommets for the handles. I just need to sew a lining for it. The designer has amazing YouTube! I don't consider myself an experienced crocheter and I found them very helpful. Over on The Unraveling Podcast, Greg and I are hosting a Back to School Colorwork CAL (craft along).  We have pretty loose rules and it's not too late to join! Check out the thread in the group for more details. I cast on the Interplay Shawl and so far, it's pretty fun!

    Just for fun

    This time of year when hurricanes are flaring up, I always enjoy checking out this wind map. The black and white presentation makes it really easy to see the patterns made by the wind across the US. My daughter told me about another one that is in color and very interactive. You can find that one here! I hope if you are on the East coast that that you are staying safe from any of the storms that are popping up.

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